Zombie Bawlz

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Out of stock
  • Chewy Fruit Sours and colors just for ZOMBIE LOVERS!
  • GLUTEN FREE! Also Kosher!
  • Greatest GAG GIFT for those that enjoy zombie everything!
  • HALLOWEEN CANDY that's more exciting than traditional candy!

Carefully harvested from Free Range Zombies, these delicious chewy candy Bawlz have some bite.
Don’t let their decomposing corpses scare you.
Zombie Bawlz are a rare delicacy. Perfectly aged for optimum fruit flavor.
Fruit sours of Cherry, Watermelon and Green Apple blended perfectly from the undead.

Suck on them, chew them, handle them however you like. You and your walking dead will rise from the grave from fun and laughter with this perfect gag gift for all Zombie Lovers. It doesn't matter how you spell it - Zombie Balls, Zombie Ballz or Zombie Bawlz - these chewy fruit sours still taste equally awesome!

Awake your tastebuds today!

Allergen free. No gluten, dairy, nut, soy or eggs. 

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